David: Welcome to another edition of Tech Talk with Konnectus.  Today our topic is going to be Wireless Presenters.  Jonathan, this is a pretty hot topic for the modern office, and work space at the moment, would you agree?

Jonathan: Absolutely.  It's a question on everybody's mind.
David: We are being asked about wireless presenters on almost every project we do, aren't we?
Jonathan: That's right.
David: So why don't you tell us exactly what is wireless presenting?

Jonathan: Yeah look, wireless presenting is simply a technology that enables you to get the screen from your laptop, or PC, or Mac, or smartphone, or tablet, to display on a bigger screen in a room such as a projector, or LCD.
David: All cable free obviously.
Jonathan: Absolutely.  Without connecting a cable.

David: Okay.  Great!  So, what are some of the options that are out there to do that?

Jonathan: Yeah, look, there are big players in the AV industry, which all have a solution.  These are the solutions lika a Barco ClickShare (CLICK ON THIS LINK), Crestron AirMedia (CLICK ON THIS LINK), and Extron ShareLink (CLICK ON THIS LINK).  These are all hardware solutions.  And then there are companies offering software solutions like Mersive Solstice (CLICK ON THIS LINK).
David: Okay.  Very good!  And what would be the difference between those commercial grade options, and some of the consumer grade options on the market.  I get asked this all the time by some of my customers when we're going through the briefing phase of the project.  They are asking "Can I use Chromecast?" or "Can I use Apple TV?".
Jonathan: Yeah look, Apple TV, and Chromecast, they're both great products.  I used them at home all the time, actually.  But they're designed for home.  They're designed with a home network in mind, which is often designed differently.  It's usually a little more lax on security and network requirements.  It's not like a commercial office environment or an enterprise I.T. environment.  And this is why they can't be translated into a corporative environment.
David: So what are some of those issues that you're talking about specifically?  Why can't, you know, the CIO or an I.T Manager at a corporation be looking at these products seriously?
Jonathan: Well, let's have a look at the home.  I mean, how many Chromecast or Apple TVs do you have at home?  You might have one, two, three if you're lucky.  If you're deploying wireless presenting across a wide network, you might have, you know, ten, twenty, thirty, or even a hundred of these units and it becomes quite difficult to manage all of these devices without professional management tools that the commercial products offer.
David: Ah, right.  So these consumer grade products don't have the enterprise I.T management software or capabilities built in.  Is that right?
Jonathan: That's exactly right.
David: That obviously create a huge headache for your average I.T Department.
Jonathan: And that's right and I mean sometimes they don't even work when they are deployed in large numbers as well.  There are conflicts.  The consumer grade models are not just designed to be deployed in large numbers.
David: Let me ask you another question, and it's one that I get this aked quite often.  What about the quality?  Is it as good as the cable?
Jonathan: Yeah look, I mean cable is great but wireless technology has really improved significantly.  For majority of users, unless you're doing high resolution, fast video, it;s going to be perfect.  So wireless presenting really does hit the spot.
David: So we can still do high definition, we can definitely get, you know, average presentations or spreadsheets up there on the screen, and even videos if the network traffic is allowing it?
Jonathan:  That's right.
David: Alright, fantastic!  So in summary, we've got a few lessons learned here.  It's a commercial product which you need considering, as opposed to the consumer grade options.  It's definitely a mature technology for the modern office, so it can now realistically be chosen instead of the old VGA or HDMI cable.  However, it's important to probably have some assistance just on the I.T management to make sure you have, you know, I guess an expert who understands how to put the devices on a network, and set them up correctly.
Jonathan: That's right.  Let's ditch the cable Dave.
Dave: Let's ditch the cable!
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